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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  April 10, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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returns to the stand. her testimony, and 2 other key developments in the trial of a man accused of shooting a 5-year-old. >> it is the distractions, and the inability to control the vehicle. >> more restrictions for cell phone users. the changes maryland motorists will be facing. >> and new concerns about the census. why republicans are so concerned. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello, i am karen parks. jeff barnd is off tonight. several major developments in the trial of the teen teenager accused of shooting a 5-year-old girl. lamont davis accused in the shooting of raven wyatt. today a representative from a gps monitoring service said davis appeared to be at home. at the time of the shooting. his girlfriend, denasha hall
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brought to court this morning after skipping yesterday. cried while testifying about her children's father. >> she maintained that lamont davis was not the shooter. >> that's what she said. and there is a lot of evidence that support that. >> another missing witness has also been arrested. maurice powell, aka murder. was taken into custody. several people have testified that powell shot raven wyatt, not lamont davis. powell is expected to take the stand on monday. >> breaking news out of east baltimore. three plain clothes police officers are hurt after a traffic accident. the officers unmarked veco lieded with another car at the intersection of east bit tell street and north colington avenue. the driver of the other car was also hurt. none of the injuries are believed to be life threatening. >> and there is word tonight that police have made an arrest in the murder of a yawning leader.
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21-year-old anglo dangerfield gunned down in december while walking his dog. in southwest baltimore. police say they have arrested a suspect. identified as rodney hall. and charged him in the shooting. >> baltimore's police commissioner suspends weekly meetings to compare and discuss crime stats. the meetings known as comstat have been a key part of the city crime fighting strategy since introduced in 1999. department spokesman said comstat has become stale. and at times became a venue for finger pointing. >> the former police commissioner that brought the idea to baltimore defends the usefulness. >> i don't know how you know what is going on without weekly meetings to talk about crime. i liked it. found it effective. they may have other problems. >> his concern was that comstat needed to do basically press the reset button. start to do things differently. i have -- i cannot complain about that. >> the police department said commissioner bealefield will
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spend the next 30 days looking at ways to revamp the program. >> a columbia man pleads guilty to a cold case killing. 27-year-old clearance michael banks admitted he killed armstead at a house party back in 2003. he finished serving a sentence for robbing a gas station last year. but remained in jail for the murder charge. an argument led up to the sentence. and banks will be charged in june. >> inmate in the prerelease program will spend another 36 years behind bars, for stealing weapons from state police. authorities say 36-year-old haze was doing janitorial work at the facility. where weapons are kept. when he stole and sold two state police guns. authorities say they have tighten security and stopped inmates from working at the storage division. >> maryland lawmakers have approved a ban on hand-held cell
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phone use while driving. the senate had already approved the measure. the house of delegates voted 125-14 today to pass the measure. john rydell was in annapolis and spoke to lawmakers. >> well, supporters want police to be allowed to pull over drivers, if they spotted them using their cell phones. well that was rejected. but many lawmakers are still pleased with the outcome. the bill enacted would make driving while using a cell phone a secondary offense. means police could only pull you over if you were speeding or driving erratically. but it did not stop lawmakers from engaging in a live debate over whether this bill is necessary. >> it is the distraction, and the inability to control the vehicle safely and pay attention, that we should be worried about the b. not the device that is taking the attention away from the driver of the vehicle. >> they are not just making phone calls. they are multi-tasking as they ride down the highway. and our kids are doing it too.
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>> spokesman for o'malley said the governor plans to sign the cell phone bill into law. john rydell, fox 45 news "late edition". >> a reisterstown pharmacist will serve six years in jail for selling prescription drugs to a drug dealer. authorities say 48-year-old patel, owned the medicine shoppe on reisterstown road and sold the pills. a drug dealer told da agents patel was filling the fake prescriptions since 2007. the dea said they have tape recorded transactions between patel and the dealer. he has been ordered to forfeit $400,000. >> and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake helped kickoff the health department's spring h1n1 vaccination clinic. they are urging people to come out and get protected. it is now widely available. they stress that the virus is still very deadly. 45 marylanders have died from the virus. nine of them were baltimore city
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residents. >> the baltimore city fire department defends its response time. after questions are raised about a blaze that seriously hurt a firefighter. lieutenant jeff novac was hurt after jump fringe a second-story window. his truck was first on the scene because of rotating closures, back up did not arrive for four minutes. >> everyone in the city is familiar with the status of the city's budget crisis. we need not to be reminded of that by every fire that takes place by opposing fire service officials. >> fire commanders say their thoughts are with lieutenant novac. he is in serious but stable condition at shock trauma. >> i love markakis and his beautiful butt. i love it. >> spring has officially sprung. today was opening day at camden
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yards. fans got a rare game. and great weather to go along with it. braved a tough loss, but this is the only the beginning of what we hope is a world series season. >> and that brings us to the question of the day. will the orioles have a winning season? so far, 25 percent say yes. while 75 percent say no. john writes on facebook. they are getting better. the wins will come as the young pitchers get experience. but meer writes, i try not to lose faith in my home team but they have had disappointing season. >> well, it was a chilly and pretty day. meteorologist jessica starr is here to tell us how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. hi jess. >> hi karen. sunshine today. but temperatures dropped after the temperatures we have had the past couple of days, in the 90s. and right now, in baltimore we are sitting at 48 degrees.
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both baltimore and dc. 45 in hagerstown. and look at oakland. higher elevations the sitting at freezing. so temperatures, actually dropping down to the upper 30s overnight tonight. and behind that cold front today. we have been dealing with strong blustery winds out of the west-northwest. and right now 12 miles per hour in baltimore. nine in d.c. 13 in hagerstown. and winds are blustery overnight tonight. 47 at midnight. 39 degrees at 6 a.m.. and 60 at noon. but there is a little bit of a warm up in store for us this weekend. tell you how warm it will get coming up in a few minutes. >> there is a recall on children's coats because of a hazard of strangulation. he 11,000 of the hooded jackets have draw strings that could strangle a small child. the distributor has voluntarily recalled the coats to be in line with federal guidelines. there has not been any incidents reported yet. >> the deadline to file your taxes is just one week away.
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but you can still get free help from the state. 12 local offices of the maryland comptroller's office he open tomorrow, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to provide assistance and preparation. telephone help is offered monday through friday at 800 md tax. >> concerns from some republicans about the simpsons. why they are encouraging everyone to be counted. >> a vicious fight on board of a bus. what the bus driver said. >> and why
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>> census bureau said the conservative states in the nation have the lowest response rates so far, to this year's head count. too many conservatives. census is seen as government intrusion. republicans fear consequences for the red states and urging constituents to stand up and be counted. fox's shannon green has more. >> from karl rove. to capitol hill. republicans are urging conservatives that feel increasingly out of touch with the government and concerned about privacy, not to skip the 2010 census. >> i recognize the anti-government sentiment out there. i am part of that. but if we don't participate in the census as conservatives then
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we would not be represented over the next 10 years. >> republican congressman understands the problem better than most. based on the 2000 census his home state of utah missed out on picking up an additional seat on capitol hill by a count of 800. he sees flaw with the census process, he warns that conservatives that opt out could lose the ability to decide how tax dollars are spent and who represents them in washington. >> we can work to improve the census later. but right now we have to fill out the forms. >> this year's forms is one of the most concise in history. with 10 questions ranging from how many people are living or staying in this home on april 1st to what's your phone number. >> we are independent both of the political uses of census data. and the partisan politics that has -- that comes along with it. >> census bureau mounted a outreach effort. including ads gog the gay, and lesbian community.
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>> for the first time same sex married couples are counted. this includes couples that may whether i have their relationship is not recognized. >> testimonials from lgpt representatives talk about it getting funding for programs they care b meaning conservatives that don't participate could lose ground on key issues. >> it is one of the things that our founding fathers asked us to do. , so i think, we should. >> if you did not answer the census questions on paper. get ready to answer them in person. starting in may they will mobilize up to 700,000 workers to fan out across the country. and visit each home, that did not turn in a form. in washington, shannon green, fox news. >> justice stevens is retiring. he was a leader of the court's liberal faction and oldest member. he sent word tor president obama earlier today. the president praised him for his dedicated of service and admitted that finding a replacement will not be an easy task. >> i will seek someone in the coming weeks, with similar
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qualities. independent mind. a record of excellence. and integrity. a fierce dedication to the rule of law. >> president obama said he hopes to have stevens' replacement nominateed and confirmed before october when the new supreme court term begins. >> one of the miners killed in the west virginia tragedy was laid to rest today. family and friends gather to pay respect to say miner scott. he loved mining and was on the job for 21 years. they have not said what caused the explosion. but, he think, methane gas may have had something to do with it. 25 miners were killed in all. >> a fight breaks out on a detroit bus and it was the driver that was being attacked. these two women jumped on the bus driver, as you can see, he fought back. he said this is not the first time he has been assaulted on the job. after this video surfaced both
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women were arrested, and charged with assault. the driver was not seriously hurt. >> a teenager is elected mayor of a wisconsin town. 19-year-old romaine quinn won tuesday election in rice lake. residents have mixed feelings but many say they are willing to give him a chance. he said the people are looking for a politician that acts more than he talks. the college freshman is anxious to get to work on redine defining city politics. he would be sworn in two weeks. >> and thank goodness all that rain stopped. jessica r we in for more this weekend? >> yeah, we had a blustery day today but sunshine. that's what we will for the weekend. sunshine and mild temperatures. cooler tomorrow for saturday. but right now, 49 degrees under partly cloudy skies. and winds behind the cold front out of the northwest today. and right now 12 miles per hour.
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and continuing to stay breezy overnight tonight. and humidity at 49 percent. the temperatures across the northeast. we have dropped almost 30 degrees from where we were yesterday. so 48 degrees right now in baltimore. 43 in harrisburg. already in the upper 30s. 39 in pittsburg. and 39 in cleveland. we will be dropping down to the upper 30s tonight. so on radar. you can actually see the rain showers that were behind the cold front. that moved through. now moving out of new england and off toward here. and you can see snow showers in upstate orch new york and pennsylvania. won't make it over the mountains, but clouds to the north. but otherwise, for us. decreasing clouds overnight tonight. and sunshine will return again tomorrow for saturday. so cooler temperatures as we experience that today. and overnight tonight. and waking up tomorrow morning, 9 a.m. beautiful day is in store for us. dry conditions and sunny conditions for most of the daytime tomorrow for saturday. all thanks to high pressure that stays pretty much right to the
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south. but you can see a secondary cold front that will develop. on sunday. and it will bring rain showers to great lakes. have to watch the cold front but it will stay north and lose the moisture as it continues over the higher elevations. and for us monday, it could bring more clouds than sunshine. but for saturday, beautiful day. mostly sunny skies. few clouds out. 64 degrees. and the winds out of the southeast. and then again tomorrow, allergies, tree pollen, continues to stay high. you need to continue to take your allergy medicine and stay inside if you are infected by tree pollen. tomorrow if you did not make it to open day tomorrow. they play tomorrow. against the blue jays, 60 degrees. cool and breezy. and winds out of the northwest. five-day forecast looks nice. sunny and dry. 64 for tomorrow. and again breezy conditions still throughout the daytime tomorrow. for saturday. and 74 degrees, sunshine sunday. so warmer. and then monday here comes the cold front again. more clouds than sun.
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maybe a sprinkle is possible. and then tuesday, wednesday, in the mid 60s with dry conditions. but there is rain in the forecast. ville that coming up in the seven-day forecast. in just a few minutes. >> the family pet can actually be making your child sick. find out what researchers say fido can cause. >> baltimore fan
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>> creepy crawler may be the key to fighting cancer. a group of cuban scientists say scorpion venom stops the gross and wanton of cancer cells. they say it, analgesic and anti-inflammatory and has no side effects. studied 8000 people and said they all had good results. they are using venom from blue scorpions for the study. >> man's best friend could be a nightmare for your child's health. new study out of vancouver, said the family dog could increase the chance of an at-risk child acquiring asthma. the study foun that children exposed to dogs before the age of seven were more likely to become asthmatic.
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but so far doctors cannot pinpoint why dogs have that affect. >> baseball is in full swing in baltimore. after starting the season on the road. orioles hosted the blue jays today. in the home opener. in front of a record breaking crowd. over 48,900 fans packed into camden yards. but unfortunately for them they did not walk away satisfied. bottom of the first. orioles trail 3-0 after two walks and a hit. miguel tajeda making the return to camden yards as an oriole with bases loaded. grounds it back up the middle. two score. and o's are down 3-2. bottom of the fifth. o's down. miguel tajeda up again, with a runner on. reliving the old days. power in the bat. rips it down the line. into the stands for the two run homer. his first of the season. game tied at five. move to the bottom of the eighth. two outs, runner on first. serves it to the gap in right.
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peia on the horse. he is thinking home all the way home. here comes the relay. and buck cannot bring it in. peia touches home and o's take a lead. and so enter new closer gonzales. already with one avenue and one blown save this year. facing travis snider with a runner on second. and snyder wins this battle. it rolls all the way to the wall. one score the tying run and another blown save for gonzales. two batters later. snyder on third. ball lifted to center. deep enough to plate snyder. toronto takes the lead. and gonzales taken out of the game. to a chorus of boos as he walked off the mound. not the debut he was hoping to have at camden yards. bottom of the 9th tap. has dalast hope. greg gets him chase ticket to end the game.
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toronto wins. every game the o's have played has been decided by one run. no one more upset about this loss than mike gonzales. >> i am from us strayed these guys are playing good baseball. hitters do their job. relief guys getting it done. i am the one that needs to step up and get it done. >> easy thing to do is step on people when they are down. i don't think that's -- i don't think you gain anything by doing that. you make the matters worse. you draw attention to negative. you know, gonzales is the last guy in the world like anybody else out there trying to fail. they all want to do well. >> he will get it going. and we are behind him. we have confidence. >> hernandez starts tomorrow night for the o's. karen, back to you. [ male announcer ] how do the editors of consumers digest
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>>well, it was a little chilly today but it was still a nice day. meteorologist jessica starr is here now, with the last look at the sky watch forecast. >> hi karen. we will continue with the sunshine for the entire weekend. still cool and breezy tomorrow. but seasonal for where we should be. 64 tomorrow on saturday. warming up to 74 sunday. with more sunshine. then a couple more clouds around on monday. 66. dry cold front. tuesday, wednesday, thursday,
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dry and sunny in the mid 60s. and cold front pushes in here and gives us showers next friday with 68 degrees. all and all a beautiful weekend. back to you karen. >> thank you, jessica. >> that's all for the late edition. thank you for joining us. i am karen parks. see you tomorrow night. goodnight. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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